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Chapter 162 Visiting The Mission Hall drink notebook
“Oh… You can just tear the get from the retaining wall and bring it on the counter over there—” The disciple pointed into the workstations next to the entrance.
Yuan read through these discolored-pigmented quests together with his curiosity piqued, ‘So even disciples can build their very own ask for to make the Intention Hallway, huh? However, won’t disciples have the ability to abuse this by coordinating collectively so they are able full each other’s vision avoiding performing serious missions to meet their disciple responsibilities?’
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“Primary Disciple Fei wants an Exterior Courtroom disciple surnamed ‘Yuan’ who is experienced with the zither. 50 Participation Points to anybody that can offer exact details leading her to him.”
“I’d wish to take this goal from Primary Disciple Fei.” Yuan proved the obtain for the sect elder behind the table.
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Following looking to purchase a couple of minutes, Yuan’s gaze suddenly ended at a unique quest, primarily mainly because it outlined a word that immediately caught his recognition.
Right after going for a second to praise the outer view of the Vision Hall, Yuan entered your building with the extensive entrance which could fit even 10 older people should they stood part-by-side.
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“Sect Elder Bai out of the Wonderful Lance Palace wants perfectly extracted ‘Poison Sacs’ from Demonic Spiders. 1,000,000 rare metal coins each and every. No cultivation demands. 5 Involvement Details per trade.”
“Alibi me, that is my newbie within the Goal Hallway. How do I recognize a intention?” Yuan required the disciple inside of a warm and friendly voice.
Following choosing a occasion to appreciate the outer look at the Intention Hallway, Yuan accessed the structure from the wide entrance which could in shape even 10 men and women as long as they withstood area-by-section.
’50 Contribution Points merely to uncover me?! That’s the exact same measure of benefit because the other goal that required someone to beat some ‘Red Demon’! Fairy Fei? Isn’t this the disciple who performed the zither within the Dragon Pavilion? The reason why she in search of me?’ Yuan mumbled to him self.
After hunting for a few minutes, Yuan’s gaze suddenly ceased at a distinct vision, generally as it mentioned a word that immediately trapped his interest.
“The Lord of Sparrow Metropolis wants a person to slay the ‘Red Demon’ that is certainly working widespread around their territory. ten thousand,000 golden coins. 5th amount Soul Warrior or higher recommended. 50 Contribution Tips.”
“Inner Courtroom Disciple Huang wants a sparring lover. 1 Contribution Details for each and every hour of sparring. Very first point to second stage Mindset Warrior. Meet up with at Unhappy Optimum point in 3 days at 3 PM once the submitting date.”
“Oh… I assume this handles it…” Yuan mumbled to him or her self.
“The Jie Friends and family is looking for someone to manage their residence while they continue on an online business excursion for seven days. 15 yellow gold coins. No farming demands. No Contribution Issues.”
“What’s your name?” The sect elder asked.
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“The Lord of Sparrow Area is looking for somebody to slay the ‘Red Demon’ which is functioning rampant around their territory. ten thousand,000 rare metal coins. Fifth levels Mindset Warrior or over recommended. 50 Contribution Things.”
“Core Disciple Fei?” The sect elder looked at the obtain with wide vision.
’50 Contribution Issues only to find me?! That’s precisely the same measure of benefit as the other quest that demanded people to battle some ‘Red Demon’! Fairy Fei? Isn’t this the disciple who used the zither in the Dragon Pavilion? Exactly why is she in search of me?’ Yuan mumbled to himself.
“Reason me, this is certainly my first-time within the Objective Hallway. How do you accept a quest?” Yuan asked the disciple within a welcoming sound.
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Right after taking a moment to admire the outside take a look at the Quest Hallway, Yuan inserted the construction through the extensive entry that might in shape even 10 older people once they stood part-by-part.
‘Ah, what ever. It’s not my occupation to value this kind of things.’ The sect elder considered to himself and thought to neglect their circumstance.
“50 Participation Tips for the obtain on this stage?” The sect elder was speechless, because this is likely the most overpaid demand he has ever seen ahead of.
Yuan then looked over the Contribution Details he possessed remaining.
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“Eh?” The sect elder looked at Yuan on the face by using a gawking term. What on this planet was taking place , below? Is he a similar guy Disciple Fei was looking for? How come he transforming themselves in?
“50 Contribution Factors for any request of the amount?” The sect elder was speechless, as this is possibly the most overpaid request he has experienced well before.
“Intrinsic The courtroom Disciple Huang is looking for a sparring associate. 1 Contribution Factors for each and every hours of sparring. Very first level to next degree Mindset Warrior. Meet up with at Unhappy Peak in 3 days at 3 PM following your submitting date.”
“I’d wish to admit this objective from Central Disciple Fei.” Yuan demonstrated the ask for into the sect elder behind the work desk.
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“The Ming Spouse and children wants Cultivators to get rid of away awesome beasts that were roaming dangerously near to their town. 1 yellow gold coin for every magical beast slain. Next amount Character Apprentice and above preferred. 1 Share Points for every single 30 magical beasts slain.”

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