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Dual Cultivation

NovelDual CultivationDual Cultivation
Chapter 662 – Unfathomable Arrogance miniature shade
The disciples stared at Su Yang’s practically n.a.k.e.d human body with decreasing jaws, specially the feminine disciples who have been essentially drooling with at his excellent physique currently.
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“Haaa… Your blindness is worse than I’d thought.” Wu Jiang shook his head in discouragement.
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‘What the heck is he accomplishing?! Does he plan on blocking so many sword lights in reference to his system?!’ Wu Jiang cried inwardly, and this man happy to speed into the level just to save him.
“Me? Unfaithful? Pretty well…” Su Yang then transformed to think about Wu Jingjing well before tossing at her his storage jewelry and mentioned, “Keep them in my opinion.”
Lian Heng’s view widened with impact when every one of his sword intent ended up destroyed prior to they are able to even get to Su Yang, who has been only yawning right then.
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“Sword Sparrow!”
“I am just getting started!” Lian Heng shouted just before swinging the Black colored Demon Sword viciously.
“What just transpired?” Even Lian Li and Wu Jiang could not know what obtained just transpired and stared at Su Yang that has a gawking concept.
‘What the besides is he carrying out?! Does he consider hindering a lot of sword signals together with his physique?!’ Wu Jiang cried inwardly, and this man able to hurry into the phase in order to save him.
Lian Li pondered that has a curious expression on her encounter, questioning if Su Yang can really achieve what he boasted.
Lian Li pondered having a curious expression in her deal with, curious about if Su Yang can actually attain what he boasted.
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“You May F.You.C.K.I.N.G Feel dissapointed about THIS!!!” Lian Heng roared before exploding with rigorous Sword Intention.
‘What the besides is he accomplishing?! Does he anticipate stopping a lot of sword lights along with his body?!’ Wu Jiang cried inwardly, and then he willing to dash on the level to conserve him.
“What?!” Lian Heng immediately quit working at Su Yang to dodge the ma.s.sive arc of lighting traveling at him, feeling his cardiovascular system defeating like crazy after.
A huge selection of black color arc signals flew at Su Yang, hindering his perspective.
Seeing this, Su Yang tightly gripped the Demon Slaying Sword and casually swung it.
“Searching down on you? That is extremely hard, as you cannot appear upon a thing which has been practically nothing considering that the starting,” Su Yang spoke using a nonchalant facial area.
Immediately after barely dodging the strike, Lian Heng made to view Su Yang with vast sight stuffed with disbelief.
‘What the heck is he engaging in?! Does he intend on blocking a great number of sword lighting together with his entire body?!’ Wu Jiang cried inwardly, and the man prepared to rush on top of the period just to save him.
A ma.s.sive green arc of lighting showed up coming from the golf swing and collided with Lian Heng’s assaults.
“How dare you gaze upon me in such a approach!” Lian Heng roared using a fuming phrase on his face.
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How have he be capable of discharge this sort of potent sword assault when he’s not really emitting Sword Objective?
“Should you be not happy, should you also take off my previous part of armour? I don’t thoughts battling you n.a.k.e.d, because i am quite positive about my personal body.” Su Yang thought to him using a calm expression on his confront, somewhat unfazed despite his physical appearance.
‘Where is his self-assurance received from? Even though he was able to beat Lian Heng pretty badly prior to, it is deemed an entirely various battleground with assorted principles. Lian Heng is often a genius swordmaster who were able to fully handle his Sword Objective at 33 years of age. Not actually I would dare to claim that we could conquer Lian Heng without moving from that circle! Furthermore, I cannot sensation any Sword Objective or Sword Qi out of this person!’
Having said that, prior to Wu Jiang can even relocate his physique, the dark arc of signals was sliced into many pieces before they could even get in close proximity to Su Yang’s human body, nearly as though these people were reduce by an undetectable sword.
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Chapter 662 – Unfathomable Arrogance
Lian Li pondered with a curious concept on the face, wanting to know if Su Yang can actually obtain what he boasted.

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